Christmas On The Block – GraceCity Center

Over 350 urban youth and families came together to celebrate Christmas at GraceCity Center by enjoying a hot lunch, family activities, live DJ, photo booth, stocking giveaway, surprise guests, and SNOW! It was such a fun shoot. I really enjoyed seeing all the happy families having a blast and spending quality time together. To learn more about or support The Grace Network, please visit….READ MORE.

Creative Wedding Reel 2016

As 2016 is coming to an end and we’re all done filming weddings for the season, I created this short wedding reel with some of my favorite shots from many weddings we shot this year. Combing through all the footage of 18 weddings and finding some of the best stuff took some time but the result was pretty amazing. I’ve got to admit, this edit was really fun to create. I got creative and tried using some transition effects just for the fun of it and got a little carried away. I don’t use many fancy transitions because styles come and go so too much special effects really dates the video to the time when a certain effect was popular. My style is constantly improving and I’m developing my filming and editing style to be timeless, classic and always in style. Follow this blog to see more cinematic work in the future….READ MORE.

Xiong & Nu Wedding at The Falls Event Center

The wedding of Xiong (Sean) & Nu at The Falls Event Center in Elk Grove, CA was simply amazing. Towards the end of the day I learned from Xiong and Nu’s thank you speech that, with the help of their family and relatives, they were the ones who decorated everything for the reception including flowers and cake! Sean hand made the gorgeous backdrop which was portable so it could be used as the backdrop for the ceremony, the head table during reception and photo booth during cocktail hour. Props to them!…READ MORE.

Mike & Angie Wedding in Granite Bay, CA

Mike & Angie are super awesome. We’ve been friends for quite some time and I saw how their relationship unfolded into a beautiful marriage that it is now. I was so stoked to film their wedding because I knew it was going to be awesome and lots of fun. Mike is the super cool hipster type of guy and Angie fits that scene very well. I remember the wedding day was super hot. Over 105 degrees for sure. I thought my cameras were going to melt–but they didn’t! Not even a single overheating warning. Now that’s what I call a reliable camera (great job, Panasonic!). The location was perfect for Mike and Angie’s wedding because it was totally their style. It was very outdoors-y and the decor was this vintage style tableware and china paired with some foliage that looked so good surrounded by the beautiful nature setting, I mean like the stuff you see on Pinterest. I’m so happy for Mike and Angie. Congrats!…READ MORE.

Geoffrey & Macee Wedding – Arden Hills Resort

Geoffrey and Macee had such a beautiful wedding at Arden Hills Resort. This was one of the few non-Russian weddings that I shot in 2016 and it was everything that I hoped it would be. I loved how simple, stress-free and relaxed the day went. They were so easy to work with and I knew that from the day we met. One of my favorite parts of the wedding was during the ceremony. Their officiant was pretty hilarious and I loved the heartfelt vows that Macee and Geoffrey said to each other. Everything came together so perfectly and I’m so happy that I was able to capture their special day….READ MORE.

GraceCity | Spring Cleaning 2016

Starting with the pancake breakfast, many volunteers gathered at the Gracecity Center to help clean up the neighborhood of Old North Sacramento and show love to the community. We had a great time capturing their amazing efforts and interviewing some of the volunteers. Chris, the Executive Director of GCC, asked some interesting questions that brought out really encouraging and heartfelt answers about hope and also what it means to make a difference in the lives of people who might have lost hope due to personal struggles. We love being a part of projects like this, that make a difference in the lives of people who truly need the love of Jesus to be shown to them through good and helpful deeds….READ MORE.