Sizzle Reel – Grand Theatre at GSR, Reno

We had the opportunity to create a cool sizzle reel for the newly renovated Grand Theatre inside the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino in Reno, NV. We shot on the Panasonic GH4, GH5 and DJI Phantom 4 Pro. Yep, we flew it inside the theatre and it was spectacular. The footage turned out better than we thought it would because it was somewhat dim even with the house lights on. We also had a 12 foot jib and Ronin M to get those smooth shots. If you’ve been to the Grand Theatre before it was renovated, you can see in the video how much was changed and how much better everything looks. You definitely need to see a show at this new theatre….READ MORE.

Matt & Chelsea Wedding – The Pavilion at Haggin Oaks

July weddings in Sacramento are pretty hot. The wedding of Matt & Chelsea was no exception. I’m surprised the venues’ air coolers were still working the whole day. We were drinking so much water to stay hydrated and I’m so glad my cameras are pretty much heat-resistant. Somehow they just keep on working no matter how hot it gets. I believe it was over 100 degrees on this day, or very close at least. The heat didn’t stop us from creating a beautiful memory for Matt and Chelsea. They are a cute couple and are madly in love. We love capturing candid moments of the bride and groom with their guests, especially during open dancing. The speeches were pretty funny too. Thanks for checking out the highlight film!…READ MORE.

Daniel & Augustina Wedding at Timber Creek Ballroom

Daniel & Augustina had their gorgeous wedding at Timber Creek Ballroom. It was a beautiful overcast day and the lighting couldn’t be better for us videographers and photographers. We had a blast filming their wedding, especially towards the end of the night when some unplanned dancing broke out. It was something I wouldn’t expect from this crowd. I’m sure they all had a lot of fun and those who stood on the sidelines were just jealous….READ MORE.

KISS Concert at the Grand Theatre – Promotional Video

We filmed and edited this short promotional video of the KISS Concert at the Grand Theatre, located inside Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, NV. It was jam-packed with fans and security was pretty tight everywhere. We also filmed some promotional content with two of the band members backstage before the show. It was one of the craziest concerts I’ve ever been to, or filmed for that matter. We had a team of 3 shooters spread out in 3 locations. Wide angle cam on the glidecam was operated by Vitaliy from Aperina Studios. Matt was up in the VIP balcony with a telephoto lens, shooting close ups of the action on stage. I was a little more mobile, located in the walkway in the center of the theatre….READ MORE.

2nd Saturday Outreach at GraceCity Center

This is an event that happens every 2nd Saturday of each month at the GraceCity Center where volunteers and staff get together to make an impact in the community by providing a free lunch, praying for the people, playing sports, and building relationships. It’s a lot of fun for everyone involved, especially the kids because its a great atmosphere and positivity all around. We’re so happy to be a part of this great organization that truly makes an impact in the lives of other people. If you have a moment, check out another creative video we produced for the GraceCity Center….READ MORE.

Dima & Angela Wedding at Arden Hills Resort, CA

The wedding of Dima and Angela at the beautiful Arden Hills Resort was pretty amazing. What I loved most about this one was the lighting throughout the whole day. The weather was perfect, not too hot or too cold. Overcast weather is the best to make everything look perfect because the clouds act like a diffuser and cast very soft light over everything which makes it look so gorgeous. Color grading this wedding highlight film was super easy too because of the even-toned lighting. It’s another reason why I got this film done just 4 days after their wedding day and sent it to them while they were still on their honeymoon! Dima and Angela were super easy to work with and looked stunning all day. Their vows were beautiful and heart-warming during the ceremony….READ MORE.