Timber Creek Ballroom Wedding – Stan & Snejanna

Wedding of Stan and Snejanna at Timber Creek Ballroom in Roseville, CA on August 11, 2018.
I don’t know much about how Stan and Snejanna’s love story began but their wedding day was a celebration filled with happiness. Everything was beautiful, serene and not too hot for an August wedding in California. We had a great time capturing all the special moments for Stan and Snejanna. …READ MORE.

Morgan Creek Wedding – Val & Karina

Val and Karina had a beautiful wedding at Morgan Creek Golf Club. I’ve shot a few weddings there before and I think this wedding had the most unique decor/design for the reception area. There were beautiful flower arrangements, a combination of round and rectangular wood tables instead of the typical plastic round tables. The tableware was also very unique and something that I haven’t seen at any other wedding. Flower arrangements and design was put together by the brides cousin with some help from the Karina as well….READ MORE.

Daniel & Augustina Wedding at Timber Creek Ballroom

Daniel & Augustina had their gorgeous wedding at Timber Creek Ballroom. It was a beautiful overcast day and the lighting couldn’t be better for us videographers and photographers. We had a blast filming their wedding, especially towards the end of the night when some unplanned dancing broke out. It was something I wouldn’t expect from this crowd. I’m sure they all had a lot of fun and those who stood on the sidelines were just jealous….READ MORE.